Waterford IT in 'uncharted waters' after coronavirus outbreak across Ireland

Dylan White


Dylan White


Waterford IT in 'uncharted waters' after coronavirus outbreak

Waterford Institute of Technology president Prof. Willie Donnelly has issued a statement on the coronavirus

President of Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) Prof. Willie Donnelly has issued a statement following 13 confirmed cases of the coronavirus (Covid-19) in Ireland

He has reassured students, staff and the wider community that their wellbeing is of "paramount importance" to WIT.

"We are a caring institute and we will do all in our power to steer our organisation successfully through this emerging crisis," Prof. Donnelly said. 

"Since last week, colleagues from across the institute are meeting each morning to monitor and assess the ongoing situation with a view to keeping our community informed on a daily basis and to quickly put in place any necessary steps should the need arise. The main information point from these discussions is on our website, and I encourage you to check it daily for updates.  This web page will be reviewed after each daily meeting and will be amended when necessary to take into account expert advice in the face of new developments as they happen.

"We are in uncharted waters due to the uncertainty of this changing situation, and I fully understand how that causes worry for each and every one of us. But I know that we will work through this together. As the United Nations tweeted this morning, 'be smart and inform yourself about coronavirus',  'be prepared'  and, importantly, 'be kind and support each other'," he added.