Eight legged intruders set to invade homes as 'spider season' about to get underway

Kim O'Leary


Kim O'Leary



Creepy crawlies invade Kildare homes as 'spider season' gets underway!

Pic: Kildare Weather Facebook

Thousands of spiders are going to be invading Irish homes seeking partners in the coming days as the warm weather is about to draw to a close.

This spider was spotted in Naas recently and Kildare people are being reminded that these creepy crawlies can crop up just about anywhere-even in the bed!

Sharing the image of a large spider in a bed to social media, Kildare Weather said:


Check your beds! because these things seem to be very happy to just snuggle down for the night! 

And this is in Naas! Not Australia!


Meanwhile according to experts, 'spider season' begins within the last two weeks of September and finishes by the first week of October. Male house spiders are particular active at this time of year as they seek mates after feeding during the Spring months.

Luckily most spiders in Ireland are relatively harmless.

However False Widow spiders can give a painful bite and over the Summer a Waterford woman was hospitalised for six days after suffering a bite.