UPDATE: Irish Water respond to viral video of brown tap water at Waterford home

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



UPDATE: Irish Water respond to viral video of brown tap water at Waterford home

UPDATE: Irish Water respond to viral video of brown tap water at Waterford home

Irish Water has responded to a viral video showing brown water flowing from a kitchen tap at a house in the Clonea Power area of the county.

Johnny Kavanagh's video was posted to Facebook on Wednesday evening and has since received over 50,000 views. You can view the shocking clip below.

Speaking to Waterford Live on Thursday evening, a spokesperson for Irish Water said, "there has been a long-standing issue in the Clonea Power area with high levels of manganese in the water source which resulted in discolouration of the water."

"To address this, the water supply for Clonea Power has recently been switched to a new source in Rathgormack. This was carried out as part of a project by Irish Water and Waterford City and County Council to upgrade the Water Treatment Plant in Rathgormack, install 7.5km of new watermain and decommission a number of older water treatment plants in the area which were no longer fit for purpose," they continued.

"This will lead to a much improved water supply for people in Monadiha, Feddans, Clonea Power, Clonea O’Sullivan and Whitestown."

Irish Water told Waterford Live that this switchover to the new supply took place last week.

"This may have resulted in deposits of manganese which had built up in the old network becoming dislodged and leading to temporary discolouration of some customers’ water," the spokesperson said.

"Extensive scouring of the pipes was carried out over the weekend and again this week to flush out the network and remove these old manganese deposits. The situation has now improved considerably and we are continuing to monitor the supply and address any issues as they arise."

"However, as there may be deposits of manganese built up over many years in private side pipework and in attic tanks, it may take some time for the discolouration to be removed completely," the utility said.

"We would like to apologise for any inconvenience to customers in the area while the new supply is being brought online."

"Should customers experience serious discolouration or other supply issues, we would ask them to contact 1850 278 278 so that we can identify and address any outstanding issues in the network. We would like to thank customers for their patience during the introduction of this new supply which will result in a much improved water supply for this part of Co Waterford," the spokesperson concluded.


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