'Man United will win at Waterford': Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg's priceless Premier League predictions






Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg sat down with BBC football expert Mark Lawrenson to give his Premier League predictions ahead of this weekend’s action and couldn’t help but give a shout out to his Waterford faithful.

Wahlberg said Tottenham Hotspur will beat Liverpool 3-1 and comically predicted that “Leicester Square”, aka Leicester City, will beat Bournemouth on their home patch  by a single goal.

Continuing to struggle with the pronunciation of a few Premier League team names, the Mile 22 star brilliantly said that Manchester United will win 2-1 at “Waterford”.

Manchester United supporters from across Waterford who planned on making the trip to Watford don’t need to leave the county if Wahlberg’s word is anything to go by.

Check out the video here.