WATCH: Waterford band go full Forrest Gump around city in brilliant video

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Waterford band Crome Yellow have showcased the city in the music video for their recent single, 'Lately.'

The Déise four-piece are making waves with their psychedelic synth-based sound, while their yellow rainjackets are becoming a trademark around the city.

That was proven before Christmas as the band filmed their video for 'Lately,' consisting of all four members running around the city, everywhere from the supermarket to their pub in the distinctive coats.

They just like running, after all, and the song itself is a funky guitar-driven track evoking the 1970s that will run around your head long after you've finished listening. 

You can find out more, including the band's newest single 'Wash Basket Earpiece,' by searching 'Crome Yellow' on Facebook.