WATCH: Gardaí investigating dogs attack on sheep after distressing video emerges on social media



Gardaí are investigating a distressing video which shows people egging on dogs attacking a sheep. 

A farmer in the Bansha area of County Tipperary has contacted the gardai to say he believes he owns the sheep shown in the video, but gardaí are "keeping an open mind" at the moment on whether it was the same incident shown in the video posted on social media in recent days. 

It was possible there were more than one of these trespass and dog attack incidents on sheep, according to gardaí. 

A garda spokesperson said the sheep attacked on the Bansha farm by trespassing dogs was injured but not killed and it's estimated the incident occurred sometime between the weekend of December 29/30 and over last week.

Gardaí are appealing to anyone who saw suspicious people with dogs on farm land to contact them. 

Animal rights group Action for Animal Welfare Ireland posted the video of the horrific attack on its Facebook page over the weekend. It shows three dogs attacking a sheep while several people look on and encourage the attack. It's believed the animal rights group contacted the gardai in Clonmel requesting the incident be investigated.

The video is understood to have originated as a Snapchat post.