WATCH: Waterford baby horse's reaction when returned to mother after cliff rescue

Waterford Live Reporter


Waterford Live Reporter


Waterford’s Bonmahon Coast Guard undertook a 'four-legged cliff rescue' when a young colt fell from a cliff onto a ledge.

The horse, now named Cliff, had fallen onto a ledge and was unable to return to the field. The team quickly set up a cliff system and lowered climbers to the stricken animal.

Following his rescue, Waterford Animal Welfare then took the colt into care. With the support of My Lovely Horse Rescue, a foster home was found in County Kildare and Cliff was immediately transported to his new home.

However, Waterford Animal Welfare were concerned that Cliff needed the extra care that only his mother could provide. A call was made and following discussions, they collected his mother and delivered her to a pining baby Cliff.

The video above says it all.