Waterford YouTube Throwback

WATCH: YouTube celebrity takes on Waterford Mega Burger Challenge

Randy Santel conquers Mega Burger Challenge at Revolution in Waterford.

Waterford Live Reporter


Waterford Live Reporter



American YouTube sensation Randy Santel stopped off in Waterford city during a 2014 European food tour and conquered the Mega Burger Challenge at Revolution in a mouth-watering time.

The professional eater devoured 1.5lbs of beef with bacon, cheese, toppings, buns, vegetables and a side of chips in 10 minutes 53 seconds.

Santel, who has more than 470k YouTube subscribers, worked up an appetite by touring Waterford Crystal before the food challenge.

“Very very good burger, delicious chips. I would have had coke with my chips but drinks aren’t free if you win, so I cheaped out and stuck with water. Very good win," he smiled.

Santel received a free meal worth €20 and had his photo placed on Revolution's wall of fame after conquering the challenge.

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