WATCH: Waterford's Keith Barry involved in search as Rose of Tralee goes missing

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


As the Rose of Tralee tour continues and ahead of next week's TV showpiece in the Dome, Rose of Tralee organisers have been involved in a desperate search for reigning Rose of Tralee, Jennifer Byrne. 

Not all is as it seems, however, as the James Bond-style rescue was all part of an elaborate entrance for Jennifer at the Rose Ball in the Glenroyal Hotel in Maynooth, and involves known other than our own Keith Barry.

The 16-minute production begins with Rose of Tralee CEO Anthony O'Gara announcing Jennifer to the stage, but alas, she doesn't show up, and Anthony sets in motion the espionage expertise of 'Ted Bond' to find her.

This search takes Ted and his sidekick, little Mike, across the country and the continent as they tail Jennifer Byrne to Dublin Airport, Austria and later, the Straffan Inn where she's having a kickaround with Irish soccer legend Niall Quinn, as you do!

Using everything from Hyundais to Big Macs, sledge hammers to helicopters, Ted and Mike eventually track her down and deliver her to the ball, with the help of Keith Barry, Daithi O'Sé and Connacht Rugby star John Muldoon who jumpstarts the helicopter!

The video is part of the promotion of the 2018 Rose of Tralee Festival currently taking place as the Roses tour the country before converging on Tralee. The TV element of the show takes place next Monday and Tuesday on RTE One, starting at 9.35pm each night.