Ireland weather forecast for the coming week from Met Eireann





The weather forecast for Ireland for the week from Met Eireann is for temperatures to drop back to the low teens with sunny spells and outbreaks of rain throughout.

The latest weather forecast from Met Eireann says that Monday will be mostly dull or cloudy with some showery rain mainly affecting Leinster and Connacht and elsewhere there might be a few isolated showers with some bright or sunny spells. Top temperatures of 11 to 15 degrees in light to moderate east to southeast breezes, but fresh along the southwest coast.

Monday night will be mostly cloudy. While many areas will be mainly dry, there will be rain in places, mainly across north Leinster and Ulster. Lowest temperatures of 4 to 7 degrees. 

The latest weather forecast for Tuesday says that Connacht and Ulster will be mainly dry with some sunny spells. However, outbreaks of rain will affect much of Leinster and Munster. The rain will gradually clear southwards through the afternoon and evening. Highest temperatures of 10 to 14 degrees with moderate easterly breezes. Tuesday night will be dry with a slight grass frost developing in places. 

According to Met Eireann, Wednesday will be mainly dry with sunny spells. A few showers will develop in the afternoon, mainly in Munster. Highest temperatures of 8 to 13 degrees, coolest in the northeast and mildest in the southwest with mostly light east to southeast breezes.

The latest weather forecast says that Thursday morning will be mainly dry with sunny spells. A few well scattered showers will develop in the afternoon. Highest temperatures of 10 to 13 degrees with moderate southeast breezes. 

Met Eireann says the further outlook for the weather forecast is uncertain at this stage. Met Eireann says that weather fronts are approaching Ireland from the Atlantic on Thursday night and they may bring rain on Friday and during the weekend, but there is an equal chance that the rain will stay west of us and that it will remain largely dry over the weekend.