Advice for Leaving Cert students who are getting their results this week

It is a time to be proactive and not reactive

Donnchadh O'Mahony


Donnchadh O'Mahony


Advice for Leaving Cert students who are getting their results this week

Leaving Cert Results

This Wednesday, August 15, over 1,400 students from around Waterford and 57,149 students around the country received their Leaving Cert results.

Emotions can be mixed on Leaving Cert results day. For some students they are overcome with joy and for others they are overcome with disappointment. However, it is important to remember that there will be no CAO offers until Monday, August 20 so students have time to reflect on their options. Remember it is a time to be proactive and not reactive.

What are your options if you are not happy with your results?

Along with your results, students will also get a form to apply to review your scripts. This form once filled out and submitted to your school will allow you to review your Leaving Cert scripts. The viewing of scripts is free of charge. It is recommended that you take advantage of this opportunity if you are disillusioned by a certain grade.

When you go to view the scripts you are allowed to bring someone with you. It is worth bringing someone who has a lot of experience with the subject you are reviewing. Sometimes a teacher will make themselves available to students on the time the scripts are being viewed.

After you have finished viewing your scripts and you feel like you have lost marks unnecessarily or the marks were calculated wrong, you can have your exam rechecked. You must fill out an AP1 form that you can get outside the reviewing room and hand it to a supervisor. This will get your subject rechecked. However, remember that it costs €40 to have each subject rechecked. If your recheck is successful you will get you money refunded. It is worth noting that you can be downgraded also.

When should I get my scripts rechecked?

A new Leaving Cert points system was introduced last year. The grading system goes up in grades of 10%. So a H6 is a 40% score and a H5 is a 50% score. If you get 51% in your exam it is highly unlikely that you would be upgraded by 9% so it might not be worth getting rechecked. If you get 59% in your exam it might be worth getting rechecked because you only have to get another 1% to be upgraded to a H4. The option to recheck is entirely up to the student.

These are just some of the things students need to know on the day of the results. It is imperative to remain calm and be proactive. Next week I will outline options for students who did not get the CAO offer they wanted or did not get a CAO offer at all. There will be seven different options for these students so make sure to read next weeks article.

The very best of luck to all students around Offaly on Wednesday.

Donnchadh is a Guidance Counsellor and an Assistant Principal in Oatlands College in Dublin. Donnchadh can be seen privately through his practice O’Mahony Careers which is based in Laois. For more information check