Waterford people attending Covid-19 test appointment should not use public transport




Waterford people attending a Covid-19 test appointment should not use public transport

Reminder from National Transport Authority not to use public transport when heading for a Covid-19 test

The National Transport Authority (NTA) has issued a reminder of HSE advice that public transport should not be used by people attending a Covid-19 test appointment.

The HSE advice is as follows:

  • Try and avoid other people as much as possible when going to your test appointment.
  • Use your own means to get to the test centre, for example by car, bicycle or on-foot.
  • Do not use public transport.
  • If you are on foot, follow social distancing guidelines.
  • If you do not feel well enough to drive to the test centre, a family member or a friend can drive you. If possible, it’s best to ask someone you live with or have been in contact with in the last couple of days.
  • You and your driver should follow advice on how to protect against the spread of the virus during your journey.
  • If you have a child who has an appointment to be tested, you can drive them.
  • Follow the advice on respiratory hygiene, social distancing and wearing a face covering when in a test centre and travelling to and from it.