Food Safety Authority of Ireland shut down Waterford business



Food Safety Authority of Ireland shuts down Waterford business

Waterford business served closure order by Food Safety Authority of Ireland

A Waterford business has been served with a closure order by the The Food Safety Authority of Ireland. 

Asian Food Markets was served with the order due to evidence of rodent infestation at the premises in the Park Road Business Park. 

"Rodent droppings were found on the vast majority of shop shelving on which foods were displayed. Rodent droppings were found on packets of food, in the wash hand basin in the butchery area and on the floor in the various areas throughout the shop. Gnawed packets of rice flour were on display for sale on shop shelving. A large amount of rodent droppings were found in the back store," the authorised officer reported. 

"A grave and immediate danger to public health exists because rodents can transmit harmful pathogens to foodstuffs and food packaging through their droppings and urine, resulting in an unacceptable risk to public health," the authorised officer added.