Cabinet to meet today to decide on LEVEL 5 lockdown

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Cabinet to meet today to decide on LEVEL 5 lockdown

CMO Tony Holohan recommended the drastic action on Sunday

The Cabinet will meet today to discuss the shocking recommendations of NPHET to send the country back to full lockdown in response to rising Covid-19 cases.

NPHET with Tony Holohan back at the helm as Chief Medical Officer recommended Ireland return to Level 5 lockdown in a letter to the government on Sunday. On Thursday, a letter from NPHET said there was no need to move to Level 3.

However, they are now recommending the country move from Level 2 (Level 3 in the cases of Dublin and Donegal) to Level 5 of restrictions in the Living With Covid-19 plan.

This would impose extremely strict restrictions on people, similar to those imposed in March.

Cabinet will meet with Tony Holohan today to discuss the latest recommendations.

Level 5 would mean most non-essential businesses closing and people restricted to travelling within 5km of their homes, except for essential work and care reasons. Schools and creches would remain open, according to the pre-agreed government plan for such a move.

The Department of Health was notified of 364 more cases of Covid-19 and no new deaths on Sunday after more than 600 cases on Saturday. 3,000 cases were diagnosed in the Republic of Ireland this week.

There has now been a total of 38,032 confirmed cases in Ireland and 1,810 deaths.

It is understood there is considerable resistance in the Dáil to a move to Level 5 with fears over the impact it would have on business and the wider economy.

The pandemic has thus far cost the government over €9 billion in supports and measures to stem the impact and reduce employment deficits.