WARNING! Storm Ellen 'a significant risk to people and property' - Waterford Council






WARNING FROM WATERFORD COUNCIL! Storm Ellen 'a significant risk to people and property'

Storm Ellen en route to Waterford

Waterford City and County Council's Severe Weather Assessment Team met this Wednesday ahead of Storm Ellen.

Storm Ellen is expected to affect Waterford from 8pm this Wednesday. It will be most impactful from 11pm, through the night to early morning. 

"Storm Ellen is forecast to be an exceptional weather event for this time of year, and coupled with spring tides and gusts up to 120 km/h will pose a significant risk to people and property," a Waterford City and County Council spokesperson said. 

"The Severe Weather Assessment Team at Waterford City and County Council was convened earlier this Wednesday and will continue to monitor and review the information and advice from the National Directorate for Fire and Emergency Management throughout the event itself.

"The advice to the people of Waterford and those visiting our city and county during this busy tourism period is to keep away from shorelines, cliffs, piers and any exposed coastal or tidal areas. If you are on the coast of Waterford and you are camping, staying in a caravan or camper van you are advised to move away from coastal areas and if possible to return home.

"The Lower Promenade at Tramore will be closed from 4pm today and all lifeguarding services will be withdrawn at close of business today and will be reviewed tomorrow. 

"Please remove any outdoor furniture and equipment from outside homes and businesses, and construction sites are also being asked to secure and material which could be moved by the strong gusts.

"Flood defences have been erected and some coastal flooding is expected due to the current spring tide conditions, storm surges and southerly wind direction. The weather event will be a fast moving and short lived event with potential gusts up to 120km/h and rainfall of 25-50 millilitres overnight. Flood defences have been erected across Waterford city and outdoor crews will be on call and will respond where safe to do so.

"Our phone lines will be manned overnight and we ask members of the public to use the 0761 102020 number in the event of emergencies only. Non emergency matters can be reported to contact@waterfordcouncil.ie.

"Waterford Council urges you to take particular care early tomorrow morning (Thursday) if travelling as tree and structural damage can be expected along with localised flooding on roads," the spoksperson added.