Dungarvan Community Hospital delighted to feature in Tallow fundraiser

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Dungarvan Community Hospital delighted to feature in Tallow fundraiser

Outgoing Mayor of Waterford City and County Cllr. John Pratt at Dungarvan Community Hospital with Director of Nursing at Dungarvan Community Hospital and Dunabbey House Ms. Paula French

Patient comforts, the ongoing activities programme and other supports to residents at Dungarvan Community Hospital have been the beneficiary of a community fundraising drive that featured residents in Tallow, Co. Waterford.

A total of €9,100 was raised for Dungarvan Community Hospital via a “Go Fund Me” online facility, in response to the release of a fun video on May 1 last, where members of the Gárdai, firefighters, healthcare workers and the Tallow Dramatic Society joined other locals at Woodview Park there to lip-sync/dance to the Queen track “I want to Break Free.'

You can see the video HERE.

The outgoing Mayor of Waterford City and County Council Cllr John Pratt led the initiative in Tallow and has visited Dungarvan Community Hospital to relay the resultant good news.

Dungarvan Community Hospital, including its associated residential unit at Dunabbey House, is a residential care centre for older people, serving the local population in West Waterford in provision of long stay, respite, dementia and rehab care.

Speaking at the presentation of the cheque by Mayor Pratt, Director of Nursing at Dungarvan Community Hospital and Dunabbey House Paula French said:

“Dungarvan Community Hospital and Dunabbey House, especially during our strenuous efforts to successfully avoid the impact of Covid 19 in recent months but at all other times too, are deeply appreciative of the support we receive from communities throughout West Waterford. We have striven to ensure that everyone here has remained safe in a challenging time, where a visiting ban remained in place as part of necessary restrictions. It has been a tough time for everyone and we were delighted to learn that we were included in the fabulous community event in Tallow.”

“We have a rolling programme of activities designed to help enhance the quality of our residents’ lives in Dungarvan Community Hospital and Dunabbey House. Catering, Household, Laundry, Administrative Support, Maintenance and Gardening, Healthcare and Multi Task Assistant, Nursing and other clinical staff have a great relationship with residents and their families and we were delighted to get the news from Mayor Pratt that such a donation was on the way from Tallow – part of which was utilised for supplementary aids to staff in their work with residents.”

“I would also like to express our thanks for the many other contributions and gestures that were forthcoming from the community in the last three months or so. Of course, the fantastic Friends of Dungarvan Hospital Group have been to the fore – as always – in helping us to ensure that our residents are comfortable in what is their home. We are slowly working through a phased recommencement of arranged, limited visiting in line with the guidelines but we are very conscious that the ban that was in place during the lockdown was very difficult for everyone. We were all very pleased to see the video from Tallow and touched that we were central to it.”   

“Our heartfelt thanks from Dungarvan Community Hospital and Dunabbey House  to everyone for such magnificent support at this important time.”