Waterford woman opens up about harrowing battle with anorexia

Dylan White


Dylan White


Waterford woman opens up about harrowing battle with anorexia

Waterford radio presenter Michelle Heffernan reveals battle with anorexia nervosa

A Waterford woman has opened up about her struggle with an eating disorder and serious mental health condition. 

In a captivating, harrowing and honest documentary, Beat 102-103 presenter Michelle Heffernan talks about living and dealing with anorexia nervosa. 

Approximately 200,000 people in Ireland are affected by an eating disorder, and they carry the highest mortality rate of any mental disorder, says Michelle.

To break down stigma, stereotypes and myths, Michelle meets persons of different ages, genders and diagnoses. She speaks to Bodywhys expert Barry Murphy on how to recognise the difference between diet and dangerous disease.

“You absolutely do not need to have anorexia or bulimia to have an eating disorder,” she discovers, and many men can suffer in secret from this serious mental illness.

In a moving interview with her own mother, Michelle reveals her experience of anorexia nervosa and describes her own road to recovery from an eating disorder.

“The Truth About Eating Disorders offers information to listeners on a specific category of mental illness,”  Michelle says.

“But it also offers hope. Many people may not realise they have an eating disorder and may not know that help is available. You can recover from an eating disorder and regain a healthy life again.”

The Truth About Eating Disorders is available on Beat 102-103