Waterford priest trapped in China with coronavirus outbreak

Dylan White


Dylan White


Waterford priest trapped in China with coronavirus outbreak

Waterford's Fr. Paul Yang returned home to China for a three-month holiday

A Waterford parish priest is trapped in China after the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

Tramore’s Fr. Paul Yang returned to his hometown in the Gansu province for a three-month holiday in early January, prior to the coronavirus outbreak.

It was his first time returning to China in over three years. 

There are travel restrictions in place in China, which has recorded more than 88,000 coronavirus cases

“He was in touch with us once again last week, giving us an update of how things are. He and his family are safe and well for the time being, but there are still restrictions on travel. He also said that cases of the virus are more widespread in China than have been reported,” a spokesperson for the parish says. 

“Notwithstanding the crisis, he is happy to be at home with his family and catching up with some new nieces and nephews. He celebrated the Chinese New Year with them recently. He will have to remain there for the time being, and we hope that he will be back with us in early April as planned.”

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