Met Éireann weather forecast for the rest of the week

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Met Éireann weather forecast for the rest of the week

Met Éireann weather forecast for the rest of the week

Our weather looks set to remain unsettled as we head towards the weekend, according to Met Éirean.

Wednesday will be mainly dry at first, with just scattered patches of light rain, but a spell of heavier rain will extend from the Atlantic later in the morning and early in the afternoon, with a few thundery bursts in southern coastal counties.

More showery conditions will later follow into west Munster and Connacht, where it will become breezy. Top temperatures 7 to 10 C. Fresh to strong westerly winds developing on parts of the west coast later today, but winds much slacker elsewhere.

Wednesday night will have a few clear spells, but it will be misty and mostly cloudy, with showers or longer bursts of rain. Some heavy or thundery bursts likely, especially in parts of west Munster and Connacht. Breezy in some coastal areas, but mostly light winds overland. Lowest temperatures 0 to 4 C., with a risk of patchy fog and frost.

Thursday will be a cold, breezy day, with further outbreaks of rain across much of Leinster and east Munster, heaviest in eastern coastal areas. Brighter further west, with sunny spells and scattered showers, but a few heavy in Atlantic coastal counties. Top temperatures 7 to 10 C. Winds will be fresh and gusty north to northeasterly.

Thursday night will see conditions becoming dry in most areas, with clear intervals, but a few scattered showers will occur, mainly along northern and western coasts. Cold, with frost and a risk, of icy patches. Fog patches also, as winds slacken. Min. minus 3 to plus 2 Celsius.

Frost and fog will clear gradually and Friday will be mainly dry and bright, with sunny spells, but fog may linger in sheltered places. Max. 6 to 10 Celsius, in light variable breezes. Becoming breezy on Friday night, with rain extending from the Atlantic, accompanied by freshening southerly winds. Cold at first in the east, with a risk of a slight frost, but generally frost-free.

Rain will clear into the Irish Sea in the early morning on Saturday and it will brighten up, with sunny spells developing. Scattered showers also, most of them in the western half of the country, some heavy, especially in Atlantic coastal areas where there is a risk of hail and thunder. Max. 7 to 10 Celsius, in moderate westerly breezes, falling light later. Saturday night will be mostly dry, but cold, with frost and fog. Minimum temperatures minus 2 to plus 2 Celsius.

Sunday will be cold with bright or sunny spells and a few scattered showers, mainly in northern and eastern coastal areas. Max. 7 to 11 Celsius, in moderate north to northwest breezes. Winds will become very light overnight, with frost and fog returning.

Looking ahead, the changeable and unsettled weather will continue into the early days of next week. Remaining cold, with temperatures 2 to 3 degrees below normal and with a continuing risk of frost at night.