Waterford naval reserve unit recruiting new members

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Waterford naval unit recruiting new members

Waterford naval unit recruiting new members

The Naval Service Reserve is currently recruiting in Waterford until October 20.

Are you interested in volunteering for a part-time career in the Defence Forces? Reservists who commit to two unpaid training
nights and one weekend per month will be eligible for up to four weeks paid training per year.

To join you must pass:
- Fitness Test
- Security Clearance
- Interview
- Medical Examination

Your Recruit Training will consist of:
- Six Weekends (Two Paid And Four Unpaid)
- Two Weeks continuous Training (Paid)

Your Training will include instruction on:
- Seamanship
- Fire Fighting
- Survival at Sea
- Foot & Arms Drill
- Steyr AUG 5.56mm Assault Rifle

On completion of your recruit training you will be eligible to serve at sea on board Irish Naval Service Vessels.

For further information and online applications, visit: www.military.ie/careers or www.facebook.com/irishnavalservicerecruitment 

Email: navy.recruitment@defenceforces.ie

Alternatively, call up to our location in the Military Barracks in Green Street between 7.30pm and 8.30pm on Wednesday, October 16 for a chat and look around.