Weather warnings to be issued as Met Éireann's gives update on Hurricane Lorenzo

Be advised!

Sarah Smyth


Sarah Smyth

hurricane lorenzo

Michelle Dillon delivers the Met Éireann Hurricane Lorenzo weather forecast on RTÉ

Met Éireann says Hurricane Lorenzo is set to change into a tropical storm that looks set to track over Ireland on Thursday and Friday.

In her forecast after the RTÉ news on Tuesday, October 30 Met Éireann meteorologist Michelle Dillon delivered the latest on the storm.

She said the hurricane would transition as it moves over colder water in the Atlantic. 

"It does look as if the storm will move up over the northwest of Ireland and then take an eastward track," she said.

She warned that this would bring high seas, severe winds and heavy rain on Thursday evening, night and Friday morning. She said it would clear from Friday morning gradually.

The forecaster said Met Éireann would issue weather warnings on Wednesday morning. 

The public is urged to stay tuned to the weather forecast.