WARNING: Two men try to get teenager into their car in Waterford



An Offaly father has issued a warning to other parents through Facebook after two men tried to get his teenage daughter into their car in County Waterford. 

The Offaly family were on holidays in Tramore when the incident occurred on Thursday, July 25.

According to the father's Facebook post, which he put up to warn other parents, his teenage daughter was walking back from the shop in broad daylight in the middle of the day when two men in a silver car pulled up beside her and tried to get her into their vehicle. Her parents were less than 100 yards away at the time.

A couple, who happened to be passing at the time, noticed that something was not right with the quickly developing situation and they intervened. The men claimed they were to bring her home but the girl said she didn't know them. An argument ensued but the men eventually drove away.

The teenager's father ended his post by saying, "just be careful, you never know how close to home these things are."

The incident was reported to gardaí in Tramore.