'Crazy' teenagers jumping off Waterford cliff ‘absolute madness’



'Crazy' teenagers jumping off Waterford cliff ‘absolute madness’

Teenage swimmers jumping off Waterford cliff sparks debate

The hot Summer 2019 weather has seen swimmers flock to the Guillamene and Newtown Cove outside Tramore, County Waterford, sparking debate across social media. 

Locals have described the teenagers jumping off the cliff as “absolute madness”, “crazy” and “dangerous”. 

One local said it’s “absolutely bang out of order”, calling for the cliff to be closed off to swimmers. 

Another said: “The problem with the great weather (is) people trying to be brave doing things like that, whether it's on motorcycles or in cars or swimming. Sometimes it's not good to be brave.” 

A local man said he “can't believe” this is allowed to go on. “Whoever has the authority to close access to the jumping off point should do so without delay. It's extremely dangerous and only fun until somebody dies.” 

Another added: “This goes on summer after summer. Maybe a fence at the edge of the cliffs would stop them and a sign warning of the danger. Apart from that, it is up to parents, friends and teachers to educate teenagers on the dangers. Maybe a school visit from someone youngish in a wheelchair to talk about life after you are paralysed would be a wake up call. It could make them aware of the other stupid risks they take too.” 

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