Waterford village will be poster-free for upcoming elections

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Waterford village will be poster-free for upcoming elections

Waterford village will be poster-free for upcoming elections

The village of Ballymacarbry in Co Waterford is now poster-free following a national campaign.

Recently, a national campaign, PosterFree.ie was launched, encouraging all candidates to go poster-free, successfully securing 52 poster free areas, including Ballymacarbry.

In a recent Claire Byrne Live/Amárach Research poll, 77% of respondents said that they thought the use of posters during election campaigns should be banned.

Organisers say there is a variety of reason why areas and people want to see elections go poster-free. These reasons include the environment, cost and safety.

In 2014, 2,038 candidates ran for 750 seats erecting an estimated 600,000 posters, covering the equivalent area of 23 Croke Parks. It is estimated that in 2019 numbers will be similar.

"These posters, in 2014, produced 366 tonnes of C02, the same as driving an average car non-stop for 592 days. In the midst of our current climate crisis, it is imperative every Co2 reducing action be taken," a statement read.

The estimated cost of the posters in 2014 was €3 million. There have been calls from both candidates and the public to avoid spending this money worsening our climate crisis and to divert it to more pressing issues.

In terms of safety, posters have been reported to be covering critical road signage, endangering motorists in Offaly and further afield. Cyclists have complained of posters being erected too low, blocking their path and putting them in danger.

PosterFree.ie is a joint campaign by Séamus Maguire, an independent Donegal councillor, and David Weitbrecht of ZeroWaste.ie, encouraging all candidates to go poster-free this May in both Local and European elections.

For more information visit posterfree’s website, Facebook or Twitter.