Thank You: Waterford butchers closes its doors with 'a heavy heart'



Support local businesses: Waterford butchers closes its doors with 'a heavy heart'

Waterford's Bobby Coady closed Bobby’s Butchers doors for the final time this month

A Waterford butchers closed its doors with “a heavy heart” for the final time this month. 

Bobby’s Butchers opened its doors for the first time on Upper Yellow Road in February 1985. Four years later, Bobby Coady’s shop moved to Ballytruckle where it has traded for the last 30 years.

“Having given our all over the last year and doing a lot of soul searching, we have finally concluded that it is no longer viable for us to keep our doors open,” Bobby said. 

Bobby thanked his loyal customers, friends, families and suppliers. “The friends we have made along the way have been too numerous to mention and families whose children and grandchildren frequented our little shop through the generations. Without you, we would not have made it through the last 34 years. We will miss you all and our gratitude cannot be measured."

Bobby called on Waterford communities to support small local businesses. “Times they are a changing and for us as a family this will be a life change. One thing we would ask is that you support your local butcher, whoever or wherever they may be. Support your local artisan, be it butcher, baker, greengrocer, fishmonger, florist, book shop, shoe shop, boutique or pharmacy. They are our community and without them, community as we know it will be lost. These people are the very heart of every community - let's not lose that.”