Outrage over omission of saint's name from new Waterford care facility



Local election candidate Donal Barry wants St Patrick's name included on new Waterford care facility

Local election candidate Donal Barry wants St Patrick's name included on new Waterford care facility

An Independent Waterford City South local election candidate has slammed the absence of a saint’s name on a new Waterford care facility.

The new €25 million 100 bed residential care centre adjacent to the current St Patrick’s Hospital on John’s Hill is set to be completed in June.

According to HSE guidelines, all new residential care facilities must include ‘residential care centre’, with new facility called Waterford Residential Care Centre.

However, local election candidate Donal Barry has slammed the decision not to include the saint’s name.

“This building and facilities have been known as St Patrick’s Hospital since circa 1922. The name St Patrick’s holds a very special place with the vast majority of Waterford people and indeed people from the South East area in general,” Mr Barry said.

“Irrespective of one’s religion or none, which I believe is irrelevant in this case, the name St. Patrick’s is synonymous with the facility. It should remain that way.

“In a few short weeks, our ministers will jet off all over the world to celebrate the Feast of the Patron Saint of Ireland – St Patrick. Important buildings around the globe will turn green for the day. Green dye will be poured into rivers to turn them green. Millions of people around the world will join in on the celebrations of the day given over to St Patrick. Our president and ministers recognise him, but national policy dictated that his name should be removed from St Patrick’s Hospital in Waterford.”

The new facility will comprise of two households of 30 beds and two of 20 beds, with a total of 100 car parking spaces provided.

Mr Barry added that the care and treatment which patients receive from staff at St Patrick’s Hospital is “second to none”, adding: “The long overdue extension to the facility will enhance the service provided and will benefit patients, staff and management.”

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