WARNING: New scam targeting mobile phone users

WARNING: New scam targeting mobile phone users

Waterford Live Reporter


Waterford Live Reporter



Warning issued about latest phone text scam

A new phone text scam is doing the rounds.

People are being warned about a new text phishing scam currently targeting mobile phone users.

Victims of the scam receive an unsolicited text claiming that they have been "awarded" $530,000USD in "the Freelottery Promo 2019".

It then provides a contact website to click to claim along with a reference number. 

This is a completely fraudulent website and there is no such lottery as the 'Freelottery'. The spurious texts appear to come from Irish mobile phone numbers which could induce people to fall for this scam. 

If you receive such a text please immediately block the number and delete the text. Do not click through to the website. If you have clicked through please contact gardai and your banking provider immediately.