Survey reveals Ireland's most wanted chocolate brand this Easter



Survey reveals Ireland's most wanted chocolate brand this Easter

Being one of the most popular holidays for children and chocolate lovers, Easter is coming up this weekend.

With this in mind, iReach Insights conducted a nationally representative survey on 1,001 adults in Ireland on their plans and attitudes towards the Easter holidays.
According to the research, four out of five adults will be celebrating Easter, purchasing seven million Easter chocolate eggs in Ireland this year. This averages at two Easter eggs per person. Participants were asked to rank chocolate brands in their order of preference and the following were rated in people’s top five chocolate brands: Cadburys (70%), Lindt (57%), Mars (48%), Butlers (45%) and Ferrero Rocher (44%). Less popular chocolate brands that people rated in their top five brands were Ghirardelli (5%), Guylian (8%) and Godiva (8%).
On average, adults in Ireland will end up spending €19.65 on Easter eggs this year, which means €70 million will be spent nationally.

Reasons people celebrate Easter is that they have been used to it from a young age (57%), it is an opportunity to spend time with family (54%) and that they love chocolate (43%).
For the one in five adults who don’t celebrate Easter, reasons for this include: they aren’t religious (53%), it’s a commercialised celebration (40%) and they have never been used to celebrate it (24%).
62% of people plan on spending time with their family this Easter and half (49%) of adults in Ireland are going to eat chocolate Easter eggs this year. Almost every second person  (46%) is going to have an Easter dinner, 32% will go to church and 20% will go on an Easter egg hunt.