Lewis Hamilton Monster drink pulled from Waterford shelves following food safety alert

Four flavours of the popular energy drinks subject to order




ALERT: Four flavours of popular energy drinks pulled from shelves due to high levels of propylene glycol

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has issued a notice confirming that Monster Energy is withdrawing four flavours of their popular energy drinks due to elevated levels of the additive propylene glycol.

All batches of the four implicated flavours - Ripper Juiced Monster Energy + Juice (500ml), Lewis Hamilton Monster Energy (500ml), Espresso Monster Vanilla Espresso Triple Shot (250ml) and Espresso Monster Salted Caramel Triple Shot (250ml) - are being withdrawn they contain too much of the additive.

The drinks are sold in shops and supermarkets across Ireland and are widely available to purchase.

"Monster Energy is withdrawing all batches of four of its drinks as they contain too much propylene glycol," reads a notice published by the FSAI.

"The implicated drinks are not expected to cause any harmful effects."