Warning to Waterford businesses using toxic baiting pest control



Warning to Waterford businesses using toxic baiting pest control

Rentokil issue toxic baiting pest control warning to businesses

Rentokil is alerting Waterford companies to be aware of a recent change in national rules regarding pest control.

Permanent toxic baiting, the use of bait and toxic pest control solutions is no longer permitted unless in specific situations where all other alternatives have been considered by qualified pest control experts. As a result, Waterford businesses will need to focus on integrated pest management techniques including non-toxic pest control solutions.

In response to the rule change in 2019 and growing customer demand for non-toxic pest control, Rentokil has developed innovative digital pest control solutions which do not involve toxic baiting. PestConnect is a system of technological devices that detect and capture or humanely kill a variety of pests using traps, bait stations and monitoring units.

“Businesses need to be aware of the new rules regarding toxic and non-toxic pest control solutions," says Rentokil area technical manager Dr Colm Moore.

"With so many regulations to keep on top of today, businesses often overlook the area of pest control, but it is just as crucial to be aware of as rules relating to privacy or health and safety. Businesses, particularly those in the food and beverage, hospitality, retail, and pharmaceutical sectors will have to start utilising alternative types of pest control such as digital solutions.”