Waterford school begins pursuit of fourth top environmental honour






Presentation Waterford students are working towards their fourth Greens School flag

Members of the Green Schools committee at Presentation Waterford

Presentation Secondary School in Waterford City has begun working achieving its fourth Green Schools flag. 

The Green Schools committee in the Waterford school was formed in September 2012. Since then, meetings have taken place every school week in the library, with a new committee of students every year. 

"The aim of Green Schools is to create environmental awareness among not only the students, but teachers, non-teaching staff and parents involved in the running of the school. Green Schools aspire to extend learning beyond the classroom and develop responsible attitudes and commitment, both in school, at home and in the wider world," a school spokesperson said. 

Presentation Secondary School currently has three flags: Litter and Waste, Travel, and Water. This year, the school is working towards getting the Biodiversity flag. "This will be done by observing the wildlife in the school’s environment and suggesting ways to increase the levels of biodiversity around the school, while hopefully raising the other students’ awareness of biodiversity and nature. Along with teacher representatives, the Green Schools committee also work closely with school caretakers, who are always willing to get involved," the school spokesperson added.