University Hospital Waterford to hold patient engagement session

Waterford hospital invites the public to share their experiences and feedback



University Hospital Waterford invites patients, patient family members, carers and volunteers of the hospital to meet and engage with hospital staff at a consultation session, with the aim of planning and further developing hospital services.

The session will take place in the hospital on Thursday 8th November from 11am – 1pm. The patient engagement session will act as a platform for members of the public to share their experience.

University Hospital Waterford wishes to engage with the public to understand the experiences of patients, and use this feedback to inform the future planning and development of our hospital services to deliver optimal patient-centred care within the South/South West Hospital Group.

The session will provide the public with an opportunity to discuss the hospitals services, as well as their experiences of the HSE values of care, compassion, trust and learning at University Hospital Waterford

“The South / South West Hospital group value patient feedback to identify areas that require extra care and attention, in turn allowing us to enhance the overall patient experience. Each hospital within the group strives to deliver the highest standard of patient care and we look forward to hearing feedback from the people of Waterford," said CEO of the South/South West Hospital Group Gerry O ’Dwyer. 

If you would like to participate in the consultation session, contact Dr. Elsa Droog, South/South West Hospital Group, on 021-4921525 or email