Comedian David McSavage 'looking to be spiritually aroused' in Waterford this weekend



Comedian David McSavage brings his new show ‘A Terrible Want’ to Theatre Royal Waterford this Saturday (October 27)

Inspired by Patrick Kavanagh’s poem ‘On Raglan Road’, McSavage (like Kavanagh) is looking to be spiritually aroused. Having previously been motivated by all parts of Irish society - from the Catholic Church to politicians and the Gardaí (pronounced nnnaaaGardaía) - he now turns to one of Ireland’s finest writers to inspire his next live show.

Don’t miss this chance to be awakened by McSavage with a level of honesty and caustic wit.

Health warning

Not suitable for poets, the clergy, politicians, bankers, economists and most of all those keyboard warriors on Twitter.

It is suitable for people that want a good night out by listening to a man with an incredible insight to people’s disposition in life.

Tickets are available online