Tipperary emergency services prevent the risk of ‘a head on collision’ by removing fallen tree from road






A Tipperary Fire and Rescue brigade removed a fallen tree from a road on Thursday that could have caused ‘a head on collision with oncoming traffic’.

Taking to their official Facebook page, Tipperary Fire and Rescue wrote: “Just looking at the location that the tree has ended up at, from a driving perspective, coming around the bend leaves very little time to bring a vehicle to a stop which could lead to a driver trying to take evasive action to avoid the tree, crossing lanes on a bend and risking a head on collision with oncoming traffic.

“You never know what's around each bend. What was not there when you first passed earlier may easily be there on your return trip.

“ALWAYS adhere to speed limits, decrease speeds when approaching a bend and remain focused on the road ahead at all times.”