BIG BROTHER EXCLUSIVE: 'Tipperary Big Brother farmer Cian Carrigan has never milked a cow in his life'

Dylan White


Dylan White


Tipperary’s Big Brother UK star Cian Carrigan “has never milked a cow in his life”, according to locals.

Waterford Live revealed this week that the Goatenbridge man will star in the final series of Big Brother UK when it returns to our screens on Friday night.

Single Cian works as a customer service agent and “isn’t your typical country lad”. The 23-year-old has five older siblings, two of which are also gay, and is the son of Majella and Joe Carrigan. He has been "unlucky in love and has fallen for straight guys in the past".

Sources told Waterford Live that Cian was “keeping a lower profile that usual” in the run up to the series. “He’s an open-minded lad with a great personality. It was rumour mill central around here the past few weeks that he was going on Big Brother. He told a few people on the quiet about his plans, one of them started singing it from the rooftops and then tried to pass it off as a joke. He probably bigged up the whole ‘gay farmer from the middle of nowhere’ thing to get on Big Brother because I’ve never seen him milk a cow,” a source told Waterford Live. 

Another source said Cian wants Big Brother to “kick-start his career in the spotlight”, adding: “He’s the type of lad that could go anywhere in the world and make a name for himself. He’s probably wasting his time around here and would get more opportunities in a city. He's going on the show to try find out who he really is and to test his limits. A few of us have joked about going on shows like that and even the X Factor but he’s the only one with the balls to go out there and do it. It will be fun watching him in that close environment with lots of different personalities,” another source laughed.

Another local said Cian has “talked about going on Big Brother with years”, underlining: “Big Brother is a big thing in their house and the family are very supportive of his decision to go on the show. A lot of us around here want to see our young lads up in Croker with the blue and gold on, but this is the All-Ireland final to the Carrigan’s.”

A source close to the Carrigan family said Cian “will miss his mother Majella like crazy”, adding: “There’s a good few of them in it and they are a close family. They are a very religious family. Majella is well known for acting and was also very much active in the Tuam babies controversy. She organised a bus from here, they went up there to protest and wanted the babies remembered. He will miss his father too, a quiet man who worked in the water department of the council.”

The same source “nearly pissed” themselves when Cian was described as a farmer in a Big Brother teaser clip. “Unless he has  a bit of land somewhere that we don’t know about or does a bit for some of the local farmers on the side to make a few pound.

“I don’t know what he hopes to get out of going on Big Brother. We’re all very surprised around here and it will only become real when we see him on the TV. He’s probably only going on it for the laugh so best of luck to him,” the source added.

The family again declined to comment when contacted by Waterford Live on Friday.