Waterford couple of 50 years continue to save lives

Waterford's Michael and Madge Neville have made 170 blood donations between them

Waterford Live Reporter


Waterford Live Reporter



A Waterford couple have made an unbelievable 170 blood donations between them. 

Husband and wife team of 50 years Michael and Madge Neville continue to donate blood, with every new donation saving lives.

One in four people will need a tranfusion during their life, with 3% of us donating blood. Over 3,000 donors are needed every week. 

To become a blood donor you must be in good health, between 18 and 65 years of age, and weigh at least 50kgs (7st 12lbs). You can donate blood every 90 days. Visit giveblood.ie or call 1850 731 137 for more information.