NOMINATE: Who sells the best 99 ice cream cone in Waterford?

The search is on to find the best 99 in Waterford.

Waterford Live Reporter


Waterford Live Reporter


Waterford Live's search for the best 99 ice cream cone in the Déise county is on. 

With temperatures reaching 30 degrees plus in Waterford this summer, the sale of 99 ice cream cones is going through the roof. 

Judge it by the creaminess of the ice cream, the size of the cone, the generosity of toppings, the customer service or even bring it down to pure parish pride, it's up to you.

Readers are invited to taste test a 99 today, and then tell the rest of us where the best ice cream in Waterford can be found. 

Let us know your choice by commenting on Facebook under this post and or message Waterford Live. We will do up a poll and reveal the winner.