Twitter reacts to Love Island recoupling

"I’m so emotionally invested with Georgia’s feelings, might have to take the day off work tomorrow to cope with her heartbreak".

Waterford Live Reporter


Waterford Live Reporter


Waterford Live took to Twitter for reaction following the tense Love Island recoupling on Monday night.

The new couples are as follows:

Megan recoupled with Alex M

Laura recoupled with Jack Fowler

Wes returned to the villa on his own and is now single

Samira recoupled with Frankie

Sam recoupled with Ellie Jones

Ellie Brown recoupled with Charlie

Dr Alex recoupled with Grace

Adam recoupled with Darylle

Dani and Jack both stayed loyal and recoupled together

Josh recoupled with Kazimir

Georgia stayed loyal to Josh so is now single

Dean, Jordan, Charlie and Savanna were not chosen in the recoupling so were dumped from the Island.