10 sayings unique to Waterford

Waterford Live Reporter


Waterford Live Reporter



Every county has a language of its own and Waterford is no different. 

Waterford Live has drawn up some slang born and bred in the Déise county.

- "I love me county"

A phrase made famous by legendary Waterford hurler John Mullane. Proud to be from the Déise. 

-"Your suckin' diesel now"

You're on a good run of form.

-"Das cat"

Disapproval towards something. 

-"Das deddley"

A Waterford way of saying "that's brilliant". 


A phrase that Waterford millennials throw in when ever they fancy. 

-"Das de way boi"

Keep up the good work.

-"I'm upta me eyes"

A Waterford way of saying you're very busy.

-"Well sham"

Greeting someone with a Waterford difference.  

-"De cut of yer wan"

You certainly don't approve of what she's wearing.

- "Hon the Blues"

Rings out at the RSC when Waterford FC are playing. 

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